Project Profile: PSNH

Public Service of New Hampshire


Located in the Manchester, New Hampshire millyard, this project involved the adaptive rehabilitation of a historic heavy industrial facility into a corporate office building. The steam plant was originally constructed in 1909 and expanded in 1938. The facility provided steam and electricity to the millyard until it was decommissioned in 1985. Foley & Buhl Engineering, Inc provided on-site evaluation of existing structural conditions and structural engineering design services for the renovation. The project was completed in March 2002. Major structural changes included complete replacement of the roof structure on the 1909 buildings, reconstruction of deteriorated masonry bearing walls, demolition of the 1938 addition, construction of a new, 3 story addition on the foundations of the 1938 addition, and addition of a new second floor mezzanine in both wings of the original building. The building now comprises over 70,000 square feet of office space and serves as corporate headquarters for Public Service Company of New Hampshire.

Lavallee/Brensinger P.A.

Construction Manager:

2150 Washington Street • Newton, MA 02462 • (617) 527-9600
500 Commercial Street • Manchester, NH 03101 • (603) 622-4578
254 Commercial Street • Portland, ME 04101 • (207) 200-2500
2335 Oakshire Court • Decatur, GA 30033 • (770) 939-3480