Welcome Molly O'Toole!

FBRA was fortunate enough to connect with and bring aboard Molly O’Toole this past summer, despite the pandemic. Molly earned a BA in Physics and a BS in Civil Engineering in 2016 through a dual degree program between Stonehill College and the University of Notre Dame. She then collected a Master of Science in Structural Engineering at Tufts University, where she became the first student to complete the degree in just one year. Molly’s more than four years of project experience includes design of buildings of many types - large, small, new, existing, steel, masonry, etc. She is excited to apply her experience while she continues to grow as a structural engineer at FBRA.

Molly is also passionate about volunteering with the ACE Mentor Program, where in 2019, she was awarded Mentor of the Year for Northern Rhode Island. She has loved the opportunity to teach students about the structural industry and inspire interest in the field through hands-on activities.

Outside of work, she enjoys being on the ocean, starting and sometimes finishing crafts, spending time with her girlfriend and their cats, and caring for her many houseplants. Molly has had the unique experience of starting her new job with FBRA remotely due to the pandemic. She is looking forward to meeting her coworkers in person when it is safe!

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